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1What is UNi4 and how is it different from Distance Degrees?
UNi4 Institute is a physical campus that helps you to take the frustration out of online and distance learning at higher education institutions. Many students find distance learning difficult because of the lack of support, structure and guidance. In fact, some distance degrees only have a 17% completion rate for their undergraduate programmes. UNi4 Institute acts as a bridge between you and your distance learning institution by providing a campus for you to have access to face-to-face support, and study spaces to meet all your student needs.
2Is there a deadline to apply to UNi4 Institute?
UNi4 Institute has two deadlines:
  • To begin the first semester - Friday, 22 February 2019
  • To begin the second semester - Friday, 31 May 2019
However, admission is limited. UNi4 only takes 50 students per campus our Durban and Cape Town locations. Secure your place as early as possible with a deposit to ensure that you’ll be able to study with us.
3What does a typical day for a UNi4 student look like?
A typical day as a UNi4 student may begin with grabbing a delicious coffee from Urban Green Cafe as you arrive, and attending your face-to-face interactive lectures with qualified instructors who are experts in their field. After lectures, you’ll have a chance to collaborate with your classmates on great ideas and projects. Then, you might then grab a healthy meal chock full of brain food to power through assignments in spacious study areas with free high-speed wifi and even take a study break and socialise with friends in the Media Centre. When you get home, if you’re stuck you can rewatch lectures because recorded lectures are available on UNi4’s platform or call the academic after hours support.
4Can I work and study at the same time?
Consider your time with UNi4 Institute an opportunity to study full-time at an academic campus. As with any full-time studies, we recommend that if you choose to work, you do so part-time. Consider how many hours you can set aside outside of lectures for studying as well as attending to your outside responsibilities.
5How long will it take me to complete my studies with UNi4 Institute support?
Partnering with UNi4 Institute gives you the advantage of boosting your CV with additional skills-based modules outside of distance degree courses. This means that your degree with UNi4 Institute support will typically take three years to complete. But don’t worry, this time will be dedicated to making you highly employable. Many individuals with undergraduate degrees leave varsity with no job prospects. UNi4 Institute ensures that you’ll be the top candidate for whatever you decide to pursue.
6I’m worried about studying. What support does UNi4 offer?
Our commitment to you includes small class sizes with face-to-face support, personal academic advisors and pre-exam tutoring, evening support outside of academic hours, study sessions, and foundation courses to ensure you have the academic skills you need to succeed.
7I missed Open Day. Now what?
That’s okay, we missed you too. You can still come visit us on campus and register with UNi4 Institute. Sign up for a consultation and tour here.
8What student life events are available at UNi4?
At UNi4, we understand that distance learning can feel isolated. That’s why your experience with UNi4 incorporates networking opportunities and social events. We have social events each Friday afternoon that take place both on and off campus. Events include surf meets, talent shows, networking events, movie nights, and more. We encourage students to share what they’d be interested in.
9What if I’m studying at a different distance learning institution?
UNi4 offers support only to selected distance degrees, namely: 2019
  • Bachelor of Commerce in Management
  • Bachelor of Commerce in Marketing Management
  • Bachelor of Commerce in Human Resource Management
  • Bachelor of Commerce in Business Management
  • Bachelor of Arts in Communication Science
  • Bachelor of Education: Foundation Phase
We’re planning on adding more programmes and institutions in the future. Sign up for updates here.
10What if I am in the middle of my studies but want to apply?
Our first intake will only include first year students. As we grow each year, we will be offering each additional year of studies.
11How much are the fees?
Please visit our fees page for more information on the fees for each support programme. uni4institute.com/fees
12I’ve already applied for a distance degree at another institution. What do I do to apply for UNi4?
Before being accepted to UNi4 Institute, you will have to apply for and been accepted to the distance degree we offer tuition support in. You can still apply for UNi4 Institute in the meantime by filling in our online application here. Once you’ve filled our online application, you can come on campus to complete the registration process with our Registrar’s Office. You’ll need supporting documents to show you have been accepted to the distance degree, and once you’ve been accepted to UNi4 Institute, we’ll help you with registering for your courses. Remember, seats are limited, so apply now!
13I haven’t applied for a distance degree yet. Can I still apply to UNi4 Institute?
If you haven’t yet applied for a distance degree, don’t stress, you can still apply for UNi4 Institute support by filling out or online application here. Once you’ve filled out the UNi4 Institute online application, you can come on campus to register for UNi4 Institute.
14Is there an application fee?
Our application fee is ZAR 500. Please pay the fee at BANK ACCOUNT DETAILS with the student’s full name for our reference. Note that application fees are non-refundable. If you pay your deposit during Open Day or during a Consultation, we will waive the ZAR 500 application fee.
15Can I visit the campus?
Feel free to visit the UNi4 campus for a tour and to ask questions. You can also attend during our Open Days to meet other prospective students, win freebies, and hear from lecturers. Sign up now for your consultation and tour.
16How do I get there?
We have two campuses: one in Cape Town and one in Durban.
Click here for directions to our Cape Town, Century City campus.
Click here for directions to our Durban, Westville campus. Parking is available.

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